shot [1] NOUN 1) the firing of a gun or cannon. 2) a person with a specified level of ability in shooting: he was an excellent shot. 3) a hit, stroke, or kick of the ball in sports, in particular an attempt to score. 4) informal an attempt to do something. 5) (pl. same) a ball of stone or metal fired from a large gun or cannon. 6) (also lead shot) tiny lead pellets used in a single charge or cartridge in a shotgun. 7) a heavy ball thrown by a shot-putter. 8) a photograph. 9) a film sequence photographed continuously by one camera. 10) the launch of a rocket: a moon shot. 11) informal a small drink of spirits. 12) informal an injection of a drug or vaccine.
give it one's best shot — Cf. give it one's best shot
like a shot — Cf. ↑like a shot
a shot in the arm — Cf. ↑a shot in the arm
ORIGIN Old English, from the base of SHOOT(Cf. ↑shoot).
shot [2] past and past participle of SHOOT(Cf. ↑shoot). ADJECTIVE 1) (of coloured cloth) woven with different colours, giving a contrasting effect when looked at from different angles. 2) informal ruined or worn out. 3) US & Austral./NZ informal drunk.
get (or be) shot of — Cf. ↑get shot of
shot through with — Cf. ↑shot through with

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